direct evidence

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Direct Evidence

Evidence in the form of testimony from a witness who actually saw, heard, or touched the subject of questioning. Evidence that, if believed, proves existence of the fact in issue without inference or presumption. That means of proof which tends to show the existence of a fact in question, without the intervention of the proof of any other fact, and which is distinguished from Circumstantial Evidence, often called indirect.

Evidence that directly proves a fact, without an inference or presumption, and which in itself, if true, conclusively establishes that fact.

direct evidence

n. real, tangible, or clear evidence of a fact, happening, or thing that requires no thinking or consideration to prove its existence, as compared to circumstantial evidence. (See: circumstantial evidence, evidence)

direct evidence

in the law of evidence, evidence of a fact in issue given by a witness who came to it through his own senses or evidence from a document or item produced before the court. See CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.
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In recent years, the Alaska Supreme Court has relied on the direct evidence requirement, despite its own precedent to the contrary and Desert Palace, which abandoned such a requirement.
We report direct evidence of HEV transmission from a wild boar to a human.
Prima Biomed Limited (ASX: PRR) subsidiary, Arthron Pty Ltd, has direct evidence that the receptor being targeted by Arthron is responsible for the release of key inflammatory chemicals responsible for rheumatoid arthritis.
One standard permits a plaintiff to rely on any type of evidence--direct or circumstantial; the other standard restricts a plaintiff to using only direct evidence to establish a mixed-motives case.
Plaintiff's counsel argued that recent federal civil rights law amendments do not impose a direct evidence requirement, but rather only require evidence that gender was a "motivating" factor to establish that the employer engaged in an "unlawful employment practice.
THE US has no direct evidence that Osama bin Laden's terror network is operating in Kashmir, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said yesterday less than 24 hours after claiming he had seen ``indications'' of Al-Qaeda activity on the front line.
Tax petitions offer the best direct evidence for peasant discontent, yet Cohn overplays the evidence.
These combined data provided direct evidence of the phenomenon that neutrinos oscillate, according to members.
However, without explicit instructions from the Court as to what constitutes direct evidence of discriminatory animus, the circuit courts have applied different standards for analyzing mixed-motives discrimination claims.
While this does not provide direct evidence that auditor independence or audit effectiveness was impaired, practitioners might want to consider the appropriateness of reducing planned audit work when a client requests a fee reduction.
Statements that satisfy the classic definition of direct evidence of age discrimination are as rare in the workplace as typewriters.
Direct evidence is given by a witness about what was observed firsthand.

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