direct opposite

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Boro's added oomph in the middle of the park So often in the first half of the season Boro lost the midfield battles but what happened at the Riverside on Friday night was the direct opposite.
The House at a session presided over by Deputy Speaker, Yussuff Lasun is a direct opposite of the one announced by INEC which is to see the Presidential and National Assembly elections come up first, followed by State elections.
The bottom line is clear: We need a Comelec chair who is the direct opposite of Bautista if we want to ensure clean and honest elections in 2019 and beyond,' said convenor professor Danilo Arao.
FOR more call 09050 700 436 Taurus April 21 - May 21 YOUR intention isn't to be awkward, in fact it's the direct opposite.
Almost without exception, Muslims of every sect and interpretive movement reject the truth and historicity of the incident today, he says, but shows here that during the first two centuries of Islam, Muslim attitudes to it were effectively the direct opposite.
Secondly, you discover that, despite the fact that your kids seemed to have dozens upon dozens of T-shirts in their drawers last time you looked, now the direct opposite is the case.
I am pretty disturbed that you would want to give so much space to someone like Ruth Wisse, whose politics are the direct opposite of your founding editor Leonard "Leibel" Fein's ("Ruth Wisse: Education of a Jewish Conservative," September/October 2015).
Many industry commentators have been critical of this, fearing that a future government might come back for a second-helping of tax on the emerging benefits and also expressing concern that this approach would provide less incentive to save than the current system the direct opposite of what the government says it wishes to achieve.
In his public appearances he's calm and soft-spoken, the direct opposite of Trump's public style.
He alienated athletic department employees with a cool demeanor that was a direct opposite of [former AD DeLoss] Dodds' down-home ways .
This position is effectively identical to that of Netanyahu, which is the direct opposite of what the IRGC and the other extremists want.

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