directing agency

See: patronage
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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler signed a recent memo directing agency leadership to develop rules for notice and comment that outline how benefit-cost considerations will be applied to future rulemakings.
The OMB decision is the latest in a string of initiatives pushed by its acting director Russell Vought, who is directing agency lawyers to look at past decisions anew and see if there's a way to lessen the impact of the shutdown.
PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar then took PNA to task, issuing a memo directing agency officials 'to explain in writing why they should not be held liable for any administrative charges.' He added: 'We will take appropriate action against liable PNA officials and/or staff if they are found to commit negligence in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.'
Support for veto powers increases at a much lower rate as approval increases, however, compared with support for directing agency implementation of policy.
Award-winning creative ambassador David Aylesbury previously based in Scotland, has been appointed as creative director to oversee the agency's advertising portfolio, directing agency teams on client work and new business.
A number of additional laws have been enacted in recent years directing agency heads to designate senior officials as focal points with overall responsibility for privacy.