directing agency

See: patronage
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I am directing agency management to analyze their operations and practices, so we can move to improve in that area, too," Krancer said.
Award-winning creative ambassador David Aylesbury previously based in Scotland, has been appointed as creative director to oversee the agency's advertising portfolio, directing agency teams on client work and new business.
A number of additional laws have been enacted in recent years directing agency heads to designate senior officials as focal points with overall responsibility for privacy.
As a member of the Senior Leadership Team for seven years, she was responsible for administering and directing agency budget, human resources, business and IT operations, and client services.
on directing agency and client relationships in the United States.
Kazakhstan's geostationary satellite, KazSat, was designed and constructed by the National Center of Satellite Communications of Kazakhstan together with the Russian Khrunichev Center which is the directing agency of the project.