directing power

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He thought of Fate, or Providence, or be the directing Power what it might, as having put a fraud upon him--overreached him--and in his impotent mad rage bit, and tore, and had his fit.
It was fairly simple, given the directing power that was his, to introduce a spark into the powder-magazines of a fort, a battleship, or a revolver.
By directing power to where it is needed most during a vehicle s operating cycle, the system saves fuel and boosts productivity.
BorgWarner's bolt-on FXD technology uses the same vehicle sensor inputs as an AWD system to generate controlled locking torque between the left and right front wheels, directing power to the wheel with the best traction even before wheels slip or spin.
It recommended directing power to local areas and leaders, hose best placed to understand and to address the opportunities and obstacles to growth.
The source said, "There is no possibility at all of any legislation which would give this directing power to HEFCW.
Tri-Trak induction power supplies from Inductotherm, Rancocas, New Jersey, have three outputs directing power to three furnaces.