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DIRECTION. The order and government of an institution; the persons who compose the board of directors are jointly called the direction. Direction, in another sense, is nearly synonymous with instruction. (q.v.)

DIRECTION, practice. That part of a bill in chancery which contains the address of the bill to the court; this must of course, contain the appropriate and technical description of the court.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The names of areas, roads, streets, symbols and some colours are used on directional signs on main roads and expressways in the country to categorise and identify these roads, making it easy to describe how to reach the destination using only the code of the road and the number of exit.
The vibration response of the shaft and the pedestal when the system operated at a rotational speed of 5500 rpm and 6200 rpm was investigated using directional cyclostationarity, directional time frequency distribution, and conventional cyclostationarity, respectively.
The directional selectivity in this antenna may be achieved with the help of a multiband feed network behind the antenna array as shown in Figure 2.
"Man Directional Series 2 Ltd is actively managed by a highly experienced investment team to ensure that the portfolio is well positioned to adapt to, and take advantage of, prevailing market conditions.
Directional and horizontal wells in the Bahrain field targeted many geological formations of different thicknesses in shallow and medium deep targets such as Ahmedi, Bahrain, Wara and Arab formation.
The lack of significant differences in subjective data, however, indicates that either our measures do not directly address situations where directional microphones are advantageous or our investigators failed to effectively instruct patients in the proper use of directional hearing aids.
The most common directional preference is extension, followed by lateral, and flexion.
Far and away the most common directional preference is extension, followed by lateral, with a preference for flexion bringing up the rear.
From Gosforth: Follow yellow directional signs on the B1318 to your designated entrance.
When calculating the induced nystagmus, there was no significant reduced vestibular response, but there was a48% directional preponderance.
EHS can be programmed to do a number of things, including changing responsiveness with speed and steering angle (think parallel parking versus highway driving), and responding to external Forces in such a way that vehicle directional stability is enhanced.
And in many instances, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is the trenchless method of choice.

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