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Visitors who are used to more directness must learn not to give straight refusals or a frank "no.
It was only when Navas and Pedro introduced some pace and directness that Spain looked threatening.
The book's principal charm, apart from the wonderful watercolours, lies in its directness and total lack of affectation.
I don't think he is going to hesitate to shoot, so whether he starts or whether he comes off the bench on Sunday, you are going to see a directness from him.
Holmes is the seminal United States Supreme Court decision that discusses the directness requirement, and the Ohio Supreme Court has adopted the Holmes Court's proximate cause analysis," Suhrheinrich wrote.
The showcase combines the details of a scientific poster session with the pragmatic directness of a commercial exhibit (trade names, demonstration prototypes, and supportive literature presented), according to SCC.
I liked his directness and his workrate and wanted to to see how he would handle being with the other players.
Among their concerns are what therapeutic goals he set himself, how he shaped the therapeutic relationship, what pathways to the unconscious he favored, what role he saw for the psychoanalyst's own personality, and how much truth and directness he thought his patients could tolerate.
Imbruglia, 34, said that collaborating with Martin, 31, was difficult because of his directness.
THE letter from Mrs Brenda Robshaw (Mailbag, June 17) of Almondbury was palpable in its directness, sadness and frustration.
The value of this book is in its directness and simplicity.
Tips are also given on how to maintain the balance of directness and diplomacy when delivering bad news.

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