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Part 3, "Directorial Re-Visions," includes: Demetris Zavros, "Jan Fabre's Prometheus Landscape II: [De]territorialization of the Tragic and Transgressive Acts of Arson" (167-88); George Sampatakakis, "Dionysus the Destroyer of Traditions: The Bacchae on Stage" (189-212); Dominic Glynn, "Ariane Mnouchkine's Les Atrides: Uncovering a Classic" (213-26); Sue Hamstead, "Re-imaging Antigone: Contemporary Resonances in the Directorial Revisions of Character, Chorus and Staging" (227-50); George Rodosthenous, "Exodus: '[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII],: In Search of a Contemporary Catharsis" (251-52).
Combining a classic genre (the western) with a markedly personal directorial approach, realistic characters with a mystical devotion to the land, and meticulous craft with a touch of visual and aural experimentation, it is as much an independent-film prototype as Easy Rider.
Chapters 1-6 are organized not by the plays or productions discussed but rather by categories of indicated directorial changes.
Summary: The trailer of the Suresh Triveni directorial features the actress as housewife Sulu who dreams of becoming a radio presenter
Summary: New York [US], Sep 03 (ANI): Actor-director George Clooney recently talked about his latest directorial 'Suburbicon' and said his latest directorial is an angry movie for an angry country - his own and is inspired by Donald Trump's presidential campaign.
Dennis Agustin, chief of the directorial staff of the PRO-7, assumed the post of deputy director for operations, the second top position in the regional police
The latest details on Paul Wesley's directorial work on "The Vampire Diaries" Season 6 have been revealed in (http://www.
ASHUTOSH Gowarikar has plans not just for his next directorial project but for expanding his production company.
It's just that what we miss in "Heartbeat" is Goldin's own role in the story--the way her gossipy, worshipful, directorial eye created a milieu and let us discover that we were, or would like to have been, part of it.
Award-winning editor Susan Shipton (whose distinguished work includes The Adjuster, Exotica, The Sweet Hereafter, Felicia's Journey, Possible Worlds) makes a sure-footed, but disappointing, directorial debut in what is a rather slight comedic drama about the male gaze.

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