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A provision in a statute, rule of procedure, or the like, that is a mere direction or instruction of no obligatory force and involves no invalidating consequence for its disregard, as opposed to an imperative or mandatory provision, which must be followed. The general rule is that the prescriptions of a statute relating to the performance of a public duty are so far directory that, though neglect of them may be punishable, it does not affect the validity of the acts done under them, as in the case of a statute requiring an officer to prepare and deliver a document to another officer on or before a certain day.

Generally, statutory provisions that do not relate to the essence of a thing to be done, and as to which compliance is a matter of convenience rather than of substance, are directory, while provisions that relate to the essence of a thing to be done, that is, matters of substance, are mandatory.


noun catalogue, guidebook, handbook, index, manual, reference book, reference work
See also: roll

DIRECTORY. That which points out a thing or course of proceeding; for example, a directory law.

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"They're getting beat up," Pymm says of traditional directories. "Every time a tenant changes, they have to order one of those old strips." Custom enclosures for touchscreens can fit the interactive directory into the old space formerly occupied by a static directory.
Directories became very prominent and were only replaced by the telephone directory and yellow pages.
The interior signage consists of pedestrian directional signs, floor identifiers, retail directories, elevator directories, city walk and bridgeway banners of all the tenants, and an atrium media tower listing all tenants.
The official said the Bush team was not asking pastors to send church directories but sought to get them from congregants.
The idea for the directory came after Business Link was approached by the five Tees Valley local authorities to look at a way to replace their paper-based directories.
Well, if you sit down just once and write a simple plain-text list of the files and directories you always need, arranging the words in an easy format, you'll be able to click a single icon to back up those valuable files from your computer to the device of your choice.
This paper presents a survey of some of the proposals that have recently appeared focusing on two of these factors: the increased cost in terms of hardware overhead that the use of directories entails, and the long cache miss latencies observed in these designs as a consequence of the indirection introduced by the access to the directory.
Farmers Joyce and Ridley Nevin and their son John, based near Hexham, Northumberland, run one of several small businesses in the region to be contacted by Canadian company Infotel Directories Inc, which compiles business directories - at a cost.
It will have a broader range of support for non-Microsoft directories, partners said, through a larger collection of connectors.

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