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In addition to her directorship role at Cubic, Breakiron-Evans is the chair of the Audit Committee and serves on the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee at Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp.
The NACD Directorship 100 list, published annually is claimed to identify the most influential members of the boardroom community, including directors, corporate governance experts, journalists, regulators and advisors.
The purpose of the Foundations of Directorship workshop is to delve deeper into the changing roles and accountabilities of the board and its directors, unwrapping the secret of a model board and the right operating model under current market conditions," added Valls.
Jo, who has held numerous directorships, is a partner in fds Corporate Finance Services and the fds Group, a specialist training and development business.
In the same year as Koegler's encomium, MacMillan resigned the directorship, remaining as principal choreographer, while Norman Morrice, from the Ballet Rambert, took over as director.
That is, enterprising universities should begin to offer a master's program for board directorship to train dedicated young people for a career of serving on corporate boards.
University College of U of T, OCE; inductee of the U of T Sports Hall of Fame; and a teacher at Oakwood Collegiate, after which she assumed full-time directorship of Camp Wapomeo until retirement in 1975.
Department of Health and Human Services secretary Tommy Thompson commended Olden on his vision, outreach, and communication efforts during his directorship, stating, "He has been an articulate and compelling spokesperson on the need for better scientific information for making important public policy decisions.
IN THEIR REPORT on the overhaul underway in director compensation (see page 49), Sibson Consulting's Judy Canavan and Donald Gallo identify what they call a "potentially widening shortfall between the personal rewards of directorship and the demands of board service.
Outside Directorship Liability: Virtually all corporations face this exposure when their employees serve on the boards of outside organizations.
Ken Thorne Motor Village (Swansea) Ltd (secretary and director), # And Ken Thorne Car Sales (Penarth Road) Ltd (secretary and a directorship, which lasted three months in 1999).

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