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The book may actually most be a dirge for the old Israel -- the Israel of secular Labor and idealism.
They are being held to ransom by the Dirge because they are desperate to obtain something of their grandmother's which the children have in their possession, one of the Great Uncommon Good objects of power.
Because it was the first word in the chant used in the service for the dead, dirge became the common word for this chant.
Only Catherine, Callum's wretched sister who managed to escape the eternal life as a Dirge and who then tried to kill Alex, has the key to unlocking the secret.
Callum has a disturbing story to tell--he was drowned, but is not really dead, but has become a Dirge who has to fight off debilitating depression by feeding off happy human memories.
While clans are assembling, women begin to sing the first funeral dirge.
Gritty, blues-driven strange raw dirge from the Nashville band that's concocted a sound all its own - and it'll challenge your sanity through its psychedelic twists and turns.
We ring the bells when princes are born, or toll a mournful dirge when great men pass away.
And then up out of that dark night, eclipse and dirge of black toilet
David Gray, St David's Hall, Cardiff, Saturday: Plodding guitar dirge for people who only buy one albuma year.
The mournful dirge sounded repugnant and very distasteful, and could be the anthem of binge-drinkers everywhere, the morning afterwards, on both sides of the Atlantic.