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He continued rubbing the dirt from the quartz fragments and throwing the gold into the pan.
Still he squatted on his heels, rubbing dirt from gold and debating in just what manner he should rise up.
The muzzle was thrown up and the bullet thudded into the dirt of the side of the hole.
But suddenly he was blinded by a handful of dirt deliberately flung into his eyes by his antagonist.
It was sprinkled with loose dirt and gravel, and it was difficult to distinguish the features.
Building up dirt around a foundation can be used for many purposes.
While the water is moving in the drainage or the river banks,one might see pampers, plastics, bags of dirt etc.
The dirt biking was conducted in five categories, where renowned bikers took part and exhibited their prowess.
There's a movement afoot to bring dirt back into our lives.
'The firm has signed a written contract promising to restore the area and remove the dirt after the foundation work finishes.
The Dirt Factory is expected to remain open for up to two years while the 24-acre Mayfair site is transformed to an 'urban quarter', with office buildings, leisure space, 1,300 homes, a hotel and a new city centre park - Manchester's first in more than 100 years.
Combined with an 8% increase in locate requests, a 15% increase in housing permit activity and a 4% increase in construction spending on infrastructure, the 2015 DIRT Report indicates damages are decreasing as construction activity increases and as awareness of the free 811 service increases.