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Its report found that the streets in Anglesey are the cleanest, while Newport had the dirtiest.
Rather than scheming about how to make more money off of the climate crisis, Wells Fargo should stop making the problem worse and divest from the dirtiest fuels on the planet.
Lagos, as I am talking to you, has become one of the dirtiest cities in the world.
"The lignite coal of Thar will produce dirtiest energy in Pakistan," he claimed.
'On behalf of Murang'a, I wish to thank the government of the United States of America for this donation as it will go a long way in alleviating water problems and in particular its ability to convert the dirtiest water into the cleanest through the high technology fitted into it and its low maintenance costs,' he said.
It was the dirtiest cab I have ever had the displeasure of sitting in PASSENGER COMPLAINT LODGED IN FEBRUARY
Summary: Recent years have left no doubt that Syria's conflict has been one of the dirtiest, fiercest and the most complex wars.
Beneath the headline 'Huddersfield Triumph at Wembley - A Fine Birthday for Peter Ramsden', the report opened with the suggestion that the game was "the dirtiest final ever seen at Wembley".
Other NBA players and coaches once voted the 6-foot-4 point guard as the league's dirtiest player, but it seems the gritty point guard found an even filthier style of play when he watched a couple of PBA games Saturday at Mall of Asia Arena.
ONE Coventry resident is claiming this road is the dirtiest in the city.
Mr Parish, Conservative chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee, will say: "If the Government earmarked PS500 million for this scheme, it would take nearly 10% of the five million dirtiest diesels off our roads."
The West Ham-Chelsea game is 7-2 to be Betway's dirtiest derby of the weekend.