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At the end of November last year, the Ministry of the Environment acknowledged that the dirtiest is the air in the neighborhoods where they are heated on solid fuel.
With Devery out of action practically the whole of the second half and with Hunter off the field for twenty minutes, they had overcome an opposition that had made this the dirtiest final ever seen at Wembley.
He said: "I think my street is the dirtiest in Coventry, it is full of litter so much rubbish is on the street.
That makes the crossborder derby the fifth dirtiest in English football to have been played at least five times over the past 10 seasons, in terms of the average number of fair play points that the cards issued would have accrued.
In 2008, MRS was named one of the world's 30 dirtiest rivers by a nonprofit environmental group, Blacksmith Institute.
Betway - dirtiest derby: 9-4 Sunderland-Newcastle, 5-2 Man Utd-Man City, 7-Blackburn-Burnley, West Ham-Chelsea, Charlton-Brentford.
The dirtiest lot has New Delhi on its top, followed by Patna, Gwalior and Raipur.
This fear from the political judgment of the international community is at times forgotten by Gruevski and he throws sticks and stones against the fascist west but the dirtiest part of this anti-western campaign is led by the media shysters who pushed his to the abyss too.
THE DIRTIEST RACE IN HISTORY By Richard Moore Bloomsbury (Wisden Sports Writing) THE Lance Armstrong doping revelations put drugs in sport back at the top of the news agenda.
Two years ago, on hearing he had been named sixth dirtiest player with Pittsburgh's Hines Ward coming first, Finnegan knew what he had to do next.
The Dirtiest Race in History By Richard Moore Is it true that you need only scratch the surface of most sports to reveal the noxious stench of cheating and corruption?
A mechanism to buy out and close some of the dirtiest coal powered stations in Australia was among the elements to the Federal Government's Carbon package.