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The West Ham-Chelsea game is 7-2 to be Betway's dirtiest derby of the weekend.
Handshakes were the dirtiest greeting, followed by high-fives and then fist bumps, which transferred 90 percent fewer germs than handshakes (see chart).
What was more shame for India was the fact that the WHO report found 13 Indian cities to be the dirtiest ones out of 20 cities around the world.
12 ( ANI ): Former Melbourne Victory captain Kevin Muscat has been named the dirtiest player in football.
In her opinion, Justice Karen Nelson Moore stated that "Seaton failed to state a plausible claim for defamation because TripAdvisor's '2011 Dirtiest Hotels' list cannot reasonably be interpreted as stating, as an assertion of fact, that Grand Resort is the dirtiest hotel in America.
THE DIRTIEST RACE IN HISTORY By Richard Moore Bloomsbury (Wisden Sports Writing) THE Lance Armstrong doping revelations put drugs in sport back at the top of the news agenda.
Two years ago, on hearing he had been named sixth dirtiest player with Pittsburgh's Hines Ward coming first, Finnegan knew what he had to do next.
The Dirtiest Race in History By Richard Moore Is it true that you need only scratch the surface of most sports to reveal the noxious stench of cheating and corruption?
A mechanism to buy out and close some of the dirtiest coal powered stations in Australia was among the elements to the Federal Government's Carbon package.
The Bishkek mayor's office plans to hold the anti-competition in the following nominations: the dirtiest compound, dirtiest neighborhood, dirtiest publicly financed organization, dirtiest store, kiosk and so on, Bishkek Vice Mayor Vitaly Krasienko told a press conference today.
But as Dave Fehling of KUHF News reports for StateImpact Texas, what critics call the world's dirtiest oil could pose a risk to communities on the Gulf Coast, where the oil would be processed.
21, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, the Obama Administration's Environmental Protection Agency released the first-ever nationwide protections against toxic mercury emissions from our nation's dirtiest power plants.