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Yet, it will be hard to avoid a sense of squeamishness, dirtiness or unacceptability even in the face of an evident instance of slur-mention.
6 The evaluation for the menstruel blood loss the degree of the dirtiness was done by using the form with picture drawings as seen in Fig.
All dirtiness was discharged with menstruation blood.
Smearing that waste onto walls symbolically transformed that dirt into dirtiness.
It's impossible for me to tell you how much I want to get out of it all, out of narrowness and dirtiness, out of the eternal ugliness of the Welsh people, and all that belongs to them.
Most of the time, people complain about Manila's dirtiness.
It is concluded that childhood eating practice, price, high exports demand, bones of fish meals, freshness, easily availability, dirtiness and rush of flies at fish shop are main factors that are decreasing fish consumption in our society and increasing role of other meats.
Another Japanese cultural principle that guides individuals' behavior relates to the clear dichotomy between the "inside" (self, family, house), which is presented as clean or pure (soto) and the "outside" (world), which is presented in terms of dirtiness or impurity (uchi).
There is more compelling evidence of the dirtiness of drone war from Brandon Bryant, the former U.
The Bio or Eco program is ideal when the baskets are not completely full or when the plates are not too dirty - thanks to an infrared sensor, Teka dishwashers automatically control the input of water depending on the load's level of dirtiness.
Why can't the government move them to one or two of Bahrain's islands it is planning to urbanise, so we can get rid of their dirtiness within us?
Death's following; mediocrity, dirtiness, adulthood, literature.