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When incorporated into social practice, the meanings associated with a social phenomenon such as disablement impacts the cultural system and social structure, and thus the otherness of the disability, whose objective expression is found in the rights, laws and public policies created for this segment.
She has undergone numerous medicals to see if her war disablement condition has improved or deteriorated.
Painter Derek, 62, from Dunfermline, who suffers from a degenerative eye condition, said that after his PTSD got worse, he got help from Legion Scotland to apply for a disablement war pension.
But Mr Devaney, 58, said that when he went to the Rock Ferry One Stop Shop he was initially told war disablement pensioners were not exempt from council tax.
Text disablement enables auto insurance carriers and self- insured organizations to improve driver risk assessment and encourage good driving behavior, said Ben Vos-vice president, Emerging Solutions Group, Sprint.
In case of death or permanent disablement what is the amount fixed on "principle of no fault'?
* A cell phone disablement device through Cellcontrol.
THE downgrading of a medievalstyle water ordeal used to assess workers for a medical condition could cost the UK Government as much as pounds 1bn in disablement benefits, it has emerged.
The US State Department said the North has agreed to allow International Atomic Energy inspectors to verify and monitor the moratorium on uranium enrichment and confirm disablement of its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon.
We were refused for our kids, even though they travelled a long way and we were on disablement benefit and the bus fares for both were a lot out of that.
Lenovo has made security a priority, including SD card encryption, lost device disablement, McAfee antivirus software, and anti-theft software.
The third and preferred method involves disabling the main drain, and the Drain Disablement system design by Professional Engineer Mark E.

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