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But as the Warhol Maos were there to remind us, Cai is always playing with the possibility that we are merely gazing at our own projections of China, which he has mirrored back at us, perhaps to disabuse us of our idealizations, or, on the other hand, that he is projecting images of China propagated there as instruments of despotic control.
First he needs to disabuse himself of any notion that Steven Gerrard is better served moved away from a central midfield role.
Whenever someone on the panel got into celebrated long-past triumphs, another comic was ready with a quip to disabuse the vainglorious idol of that misconception.
Ten minutes in any British staff room would be enough to disabuse parents of the delusion that just because they love their children, teachers must be rather fond of them too.
I would like to disabuse anyone of the notion Scotland and Ireland are making this proposal for the simple reason this is the only chance we would have to qualify for the final round of a major tournament.
IF YOU ever questioned the ban on using mobile phones while driving then the tragic case of Maureen Waites should disabuse you of it.
This week, however, we reveal the findings of a consumer survey that will disabuse anyone of the notion grocery can remain immune to the economic shit storm (p4).
If there is a sense in the business community that the chamber is too traditional and staid, I want to disabuse people of that,'' he said.
The examples he chooses will disabuse the reader of any belief in a unified point of view within the Arab world.
This episode should disabuse anyone of the notion that such rules will be enforced without the taint of politics.
Sadly, it will need rather more than that to disabuse electors of a mistrust of politicians in general and a dislike of the European Union in particular.
That is a frightening scenario, but one which Bryant can disabuse us of.