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Now they will be treated at 35%, which may put them at a disadvantageous opposition, according to a former senior officer of the PAS group.
In Section 3, we first present the benchmark model, and then we establish the decentralized models under disadvantageous and advantageous inequality.
for entering into an allegedly grossly disadvantageous JVA on March 24, 2010 for the development of a 3.
ANKARA, November 15, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's president said on Tuesday that it would be disadvantageous for the European Union (EU) to block Turkey's negotiation process.
It is believed that, in order to sooner close the deal, Dada has accepted a disadvantageous offer.
In a course where teacher education content, tests and testing procedures, and grading procedures for assignments were held constant across three teaching conditions, the absence of a textbook was most disadvantageous for males.
These financial performances were achieved "in spite of disadvantageous conditions resulted from the world economic crisis and its repercussions of credits market," it commented.
22 (ANI): Indian cricket coach Gary Kirsten is not happy with English captain Kevin Pietersen's 'switch hit', and termed the shot disadvantageous for bowlers.
White Johnson had not entered a transaction that was either advantageous to him or disadvantageous to the patient, the Tribunal considered it was unwise for him to have purchased the patient's home without obtaining written consent for the transaction from both the patient's fatuity and Hokianga Health.
Bred to improve with age, she is unlikely to be troubled by a 5lb rise in the ratings judged by the manner of her latest win, in which she easily overcame a disadvantageous draw.
However, shifting from 'visitor' status to that of a 'local' can be disadvantageous.