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It remains to be seen whether the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and other influential clerics will accept the existing generation gap between the elite and the disaffected youth representatives who are spearheading the unprecedented protests.
French who are disaffected and discouraged are more likely than others to be out of the workforce and less likely to have received a four-year college degree.
We are in communication with the disaffected community whose objective appears to be the removal of the local mayor.
I'm no politician, nor do I actively choose to follow politics, but surely even Mr Castle, as a local councillor, should know that the first rule of politics is to listen to what your constituents are telling you rather than implying they are disaffected.
Uncontrollable societies of disaffected individuals.
The Silent Disaffected Plurality is the largest and most interesting grouping to emerge from the data.
Into this arena comes the Tamarrod movement and its attempt to unite the opposition and organise the disaffected in a last ditch effort to force needed change.
The report pointed out that Breivik's tragic criminal attacks in Norway in July last year were 'a dramatic example of the potential of an organised, disaffected or unbalanced lone perpetrator'.
They stated Plaid Cymru is the only Welsh party, whereas in Gwynedd, due to the way the council chose to operate, to all intents and purposes like Welsh Conservatives, a number of us felt disaffected.
Nope, Mr Blair, that was all down to a couple of disaffected leaders who ignored UN rules and went to war.
The chef - who can be seen in Channel 4 series Jamie's Dream School as he tries to turn around the lives of disaffected youths - already has four centres in the North of England.