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He discusses despair and the impotence of the rational, the Antigone complex, the disaffected individual in the process of psychic and collective disindividuation, and hope and politics.
A worker has been involved in a domestic altercation immediately prior to returning to the workplace; a worker who has a drug or alcohol problem; a worker who is chastised or threatened with dismissal by a supervisor, or a worker who loses significant money in a card game can each quickly change from a trusted and reliable employee to a disgruntled or disaffected employee and a potential security risk," the report said.
Disaffected members of Plaid Cymru at a public meeting in Porthmadog four or five years ago hurriedly formed another Welsh party, Llais Gwynedd, to contest as many wards as possible with the objective of capturing enough Plaid Cymru seats to prevent them implementing their outrageous closure policies, and the curtailment of services adversely affecting the poorest and most needy in the county's smaller rural communities, chiefly in Meirionnydd and Dwyfor.
Mildly disaffected slackerdom is hardly the most compelling concept fueling a sitcom these days, but the show, like the first drink or two at happy hour, goes down easily enough.
The task force, for one, advocates a targeted approach, in which--to avoid divestment--companies with Sudan operations must not provide significant financial support to the Sudanese government, they must provide support to disaffected residents of Sudan, and they must take substantial action to halt the genocide.
They included emigrants from war-torn lands, home-grown products of abuse and neglect, gang-affiliated, disaffected malcontents for whom guns, drugs, prison and death were a way of life, and the learning disabled.
The media, so it seems, have gone out of their way to play down the central role played by Islamic fervour, as he points out the "ideology of choice for the world's disaffected.
The two camps are converging spiritually as we speak and the rainbow connecting them will help guide the disaffected "now generation" in middle America to the coasts.
For many in the '80s and early '90s-isolated gays, abashed alcoholics, or just disaffected teenagers--finding that first board was a dial-in to Damascus experience.
THE Conservative Party must become more female-friendly if it is to woo back disaffected women voters, senior frontbencher Theresa May urged today.
The new pro-Putin youth group was created following the January appearance of "Walking Without Putin" (WWP), a small organization whose members include disaffected former leaders of Walking Together.
It did not invite the ECUSA presiding bishop but it welcomed Bishop Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh, moderator of the Anglican Communion Network, which represents disaffected Episcopal dioceses and parishes in the U.