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Tsay believes now is the opportune time to create a third major party in Taiwan by uniting unaligned and centrist voters with the disaffected faction of the DPP to create a viable third political force in Taiwanese politics.
Both the Patriots and the British referred to this group as "the disaffected", perceiving correctly that their defining feature was less loyalty to than a lack of support for either side in the dispute, and denounced them as opportunistic, apathetic, or even treasonous.
It remains to be seen whether the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and other influential clerics will accept the existing generation gap between the elite and the disaffected youth representatives who are spearheading the unprecedented protests.
The heightened, stable percentage of "disaffected" and "discouraged" French citizens is useful in understanding how support for populist candidates such as Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Melenchon has been able to take root and grow.
The hoodie became a garment of rebellion for disaffected youth.
Few consider him the man to reconnect Labour with disaffected core voters and halt Ukip.
I am seldom disaffected by the contributions of Patricia Datchuck Sanchez.
We are in communication with the disaffected community whose objective appears to be the removal of the local mayor.
I TAKE great offence to the disgusting and insensitive remarks made by Coun Gordon Castle towards the so called 'disaffected prison officers' at HMP Northumberland, and his opinion that recent events at the prison have been 'absurdly exaggerated'.
Uncontrollable societies of disaffected individuals.
The Silent Disaffected Plurality is the largest and most interesting grouping to emerge from the data.