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As for the leader in the party, Nooman Al Euch party, he spoke of "broken promises in many sectors, which led to a regression of development indicators that also affected the governorate of Sfax because of the slump in industrial areas and markets, the disaffection of investors due to corruption, parallel trade and smuggling.
social tensions are intense, but social disaffection hardly does anything against the government's firepower.
As many, particularly the poor, have come to associate Kemalism and secular ideologies with repression, so they have often looked to religious parties to express their disaffection.
Academic achievement has been positively associated to behavioral engagement and negatively to behavioral disaffection (Ros et al.
The 24 laws include those enacted way back in 1914 (Destructive Insects and Pests Act) and 1922 (Police -- Incitement to Disaffection Act) also.
In a statement to the press on Friday, June 7, Zirqani said that Miliki's visit to Erbil is going to refute all recent allegations that problems between the Federal Government and the Government of Kurdistan Region are unsolvable, and there is disaffection between the two governments.
1 VRD including work Demolitions, disaffection networks, earthworks, roads, sidewalks, access, plots, drainage and storm water sewage, drinking water, electricity, telecommunications, gas, masonry, engineering buried columns, furniture, signage.
explores representations of middle class men's discontent and disaffection in relation to white-collar work and the culture of consumption.
When we were a PLC, there was disaffection and when the Glazers came in more disaffection.
Please, let's not go back to the old days when there was much pupil disaffection in schools.
And therefore it is very important that if you want various strategies to deal with this menace, you must have the sensitivity to recognize the social and economic roots of disaffection among tribal societies," he added.
Schools minister Nick Gibb said: "Barnardo's are right that it is important to understand the root causes of a pupil's disaffection with school.