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Atop union source said: "The CWU is actively considering disaffiliating from Labour and there are serious rumblings within the GMB.
Labour had claimed the union was disaffiliating itself from the party, but angry delegates believed they were being kicked out.
Labour said the RMT had broken party rules and was disaffiliating itself by giving such open support to other parties.
Third, some perceive the interest in disaffiliating with KUGN as an attack on the athletic department or student athletes.
His criticism of the NDP is said to be the reason why CAW local 222 is disaffiliating from the NDP.
The use of a consolidated tax attribute in a separate return year that is about to expire may be another reason for disaffiliating.
The $674 million Self-Help Credit Union notified the Carolinas Credit Union League that it is disaffiliating from the league and leaving CUNA.
The court had on May 21 ruled that both the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and the Sports Ministry did not follow procedures set in their Constitution while suspending and disaffiliating the IHF and, therefore, their action was illegal.
By disaffiliating itself with the Legion, the club is withdrawing money from the many ex service and current service personnel that need it.
The Secretary of the Constituency Party Dai Davies meanwhile told Waterfront that if an all-woman shortlist is imposed then they won't rule out disaffiliating from the Labour party.
Candidates could be debarred without due process and the ultimate sanction of disaffiliating local parties was so severe it was rarely considered appropriate.
The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association said it was ending a four-year-old rule financing the iBelong campaign out of concern it might lose disaffiliating members because of the economy and internal costs.