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The study included survey questions and open-ended interviews with some participants who were asked to tell their stories of disaffiliation.
That not only had I captured the essence of disaffiliation but that these photographs, in their failure, performed disappointment.
Dr Angela Smith, reader in Language and Culture at <Bthe University of Sunderland, who has co-authored the study Disaffiliation and belonging: Twitter and its agonistic publics.
Eddie Webster tells the tale (with much laughter) how on one occasion, the NUSAS team locked one of the right wing leaders in a toilet, so that he would not be present to influence the vote on disaffiliation when it was taken
He has alleged that BI has written a "threatening mail" to affiliated units to stop participating in any unauthorised meeting or facing disaffiliation and suspension.
Hopkins's personality as sacrament, Tennyson and the poetry of doubt, Hardy as the churchiest skeptic, Christina Rossetti and a poetics of eternity, Keats's involvement with prayer and lack, annunciations, the "two ways" of Hopkins and Graves, spirituality and disaffiliation in Eliot and Wallace Stevens, religion into poetry by Hopkins and Eliot, doubt and blasphemy in contemporary Caribbean poets, Elizabeth Jennings's tongues of fire, Dickey's "The Heaven of Animals," and Oraclau/Oracles by Geoffrey Hill.
Augustave ultimately illustrates the devastating rootlessness of cultural disaffiliation.
Even though many businesses have gone through a disaffiliation program and are no longer owned by the government, that association still exists informally.
If the schools do not come up to the prescribed standards in the next five years, they could face disaffiliation from the board.
The rising disaffiliation from religion may be part of a growing disaffiliation from social institutions writ large, a trend made famous by scholar Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone.
The poets whose works are presumed here engaged in intricate networks of affiliation and disaffiliation, and their poems challenge simple periodization and nationalist narratives.