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Repudiate; revoke consent; refuse to support former acts or agreements.

Disaffirm is commonly applied in situations where an individual has made an agreement and opts to cancel it, which he or she may do by right—such as a minor who disaffirms a contract.

A disaffirmance is a denial or nullification of the existence of something, as opposed to a revocation, which is the breaking of an existing agreement.

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1 to annul or reverse a decision.
2 to repudiate obligations.
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promises; instead, if the child chooses, he may disaffirm the contract
Under the infancy doctrine, a child's contract is voidable, (3) meaning that the transaction is per se valid, but a child can disaffirm the contract and avoid its legal obligations.
(73) The Court concluded in EKD, ibid at 8, that "[p]laintiffs cannot disaffirm the forum-selection clause in Facebook's TOS, although Plaintiffs were minors when they entered the agreement containing the clause." In AV, supra note 71 at 481, the Court determined that "[p]laintiffs received benefits from entering into the Agreement with iParadigms....
The minor must disaffirm the entire contract and do so no later than within a reasonable time after reaching the age of majority.
disaffirm or repudiate all financial contracts with a counterparty or
(20) Second, these discussions, particularly with Singaporean discussants, disaffirm the notion that corruption cannot be controlled.
As to the nature and extent of the knowledge required for an effective election to affirm, the High Court (15) has expressly abstained from determining whether, in addition to knowledge of the facts upon which the power to disaffirm depended, (16) the electing party, when she performed acts that appeared to recognize the continued existence of the contract in question, must also have understood that, as a legal consequence of those facts, she had available to her the inconsistent legal alternative of disaffirming that contract.
Our findings confirm the transaction motive and Pecking order theory in corporate cash holdings behavior but disaffirm the relation between size and firms' cash holdings.
or (2) "disaffirm" their contracts with the off-contract
According to the NCUA complaint, which was the liquidating agent of Ensign, the agency was authorized to disaffirm and repudiate any contracts or arrangements on 18 commercial loans to which the credit union was a party.
[section] 1.6013-1(d)(5) if an executor or administrator has been appointed after a joint return was filed, he or she has one year after the due date for filing (plus extensions) to disaffirm the joint return and file a separate return.