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However, an emerging body of literature has suggested that disaffirming environments are likely to be detrimental to the mental and emotional health of LGB-identified persons (Brenner, Lyons, & Fassinger, 2010; Gates & Viggiani, 2014; Kwon & Hugelshofer, 2010; Mays & Cochran, 2001; Ragins, Singh, & Cornwell, 2007).
Whereas some CACREP-accredited programs are housed within disaffirming institutions, others are housed within institutions that have codes of conduct along with disciplinary sanctions that explicitly disallow the sexual expression of sexual minorities (see Appendix A).
com to submit their schoolwork had written disclaimers on their papers withholding permission from the website to archive their work, the students were prohibited from disaffirming the website's terms of use that allowed for archiving.
The manner in which children navigate and make decisions online reinforces the need for the infancy doctrine, which includes limiting the use of misrepresentation-of-age statutes as a means of preventing children from disaffirming their online agreements.
A third, and in my view the most preferable, interpretation of the above statements is that election does involve intention, objectively determined, (94) but it is a specific and narrow form of intention built upon a foundation of initial knowledge of both (1) the facts giving rise to a choice between affirming and disaffirming the relevant contractual relationship, and (2) the resultant legal entitlement to choose between those inconsistent jural alternatives.
or (2) disaffirming and finding relief in the law of restitution.
Such disaffirming findings make it difficult to accept the basic premise that news is superior to advertising.
I selected the students based on my perception that they would provide candid, if not disaffirming feedback about the Issues Exchange activity and because none had previously revealed to me his or her personal reflections on the activity.
165) Under the traditional rule, where the contract has been partially or fully performed, the disaffirming minor's only obligation is to return anything that was conferred by performance.
If a local government is compelled, as a result of the RTC's disaffirming an LOC, to provide funds for completion of a subdivision's public improvements, what recourse does it then have against the RTC?
In our experience, counseling students who become ethically acculturated to the profession's code of ethics not only will adopt new, more sophisticated behaviors with regard to ethical issues such as informed consent and professional relationships, but also are likely to question how the ethical tenet of primum non nocere (first, do no harm) might inform a counselor's position on disaffirming environments when research has suggested that such environments have a detrimental impact on the well-being of sexual minorities.
Consistent with multicultural/social justice theories, RCT suggests that counselors need to understand that "chronic exposure to disaffirming stimuli" (Walker, 2005, p.