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Repudiate; revoke consent; refuse to support former acts or agreements.

Disaffirm is commonly applied in situations where an individual has made an agreement and opts to cancel it, which he or she may do by right—such as a minor who disaffirms a contract.

A disaffirmance is a denial or nullification of the existence of something, as opposed to a revocation, which is the breaking of an existing agreement.

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1 to annul or reverse a decision.
2 to repudiate obligations.
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to affirm the contract and receive an on-contract remedy or disaffirm
is disaffirmed. Students often gloss over this subtlety--mistakenly
disaffirm the contract and get his money back when the promisor happens
The fact that the alternative right to affirm or disaffirm
choose expectation damages after having disaffirmed (cumulative
disaffirm qualified financial contracts, as long as the decision to do
FDIC must either repudiate or disaffirm all qualified financial
The insurer is bound by a life insurance contract made with a minor unless and until it is disaffirmed by the minor.
Subsequently, several of these institutions were in fact taken over by the RTC and outstanding LOCs were disaffirmed. If the county had not acted, it would have faced responsibility for public improvements well into seven figures, without the funds to finance construction.