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writes in How You Can Disagree and Remain a Faithful Catholic (Crossroad, 1995): "Before the encyclical, how many Catholics would have thought that they could disagree with the pope on birth control .
He attracts excellent guests and is open to callers who disagree with him.
In general, do you agree or disagree with President Clinton's handling
Read the five statements below and then select the response that best describes how strongly you agree or disagree with each.
However, looking at specific segments reveals more consistent inclinations for or against the verdict, with minority respondents, younger Americans and women more likely to disagree with the verdict:
com)-- When asked for an opinion on whether the news media did an excellent job at informing viewers regarding the recent election, almost a quarter of Americans strongly disagree with that statement.
There is no point in debating with you, Russell," Wittgenstein replied: "You disagree with everything I say.
Out of 17,4% of the polled pupils which disagree with the statement, only 4,8% disagree at all.
MORE than half of doctors disagree with the Government's controversial reforms of the NHS, and many do not believe they will improve patient care, according to a poll.
Patient care will not improve - survey SIX out of 10 doctors disagree with the government's reforms of the NHS and many do not believe they will improve patient care, according to a poll for the Royal College of GPs.
The more strongly they disagree with you, the better the odds you are likely to get.