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Just 17% agreed they would support the British Government if it supplied weapons to the opposition forces, with 53% disagreeing.
Thinking it time to draw the proceedings to a close, I pointed out that disagreeing about everything posed a logical dilemma, for it would imply that one disagreed about disagreeing about everything, in which case one must agree about something.
Only a total of 20% people disagreed, with 7% strongly disagreeing and 13% partially disagreeing.
Some 64% would be happy with the standard of care provided by their health trust if their friend or relative needed treatment, up from 62% last year, with 11% disagreeing and 26% neither agreeing or disagreeing.
Some 43 per cent said the reforms would not improve health outcomes - such as tackling cancer or deaths from heart disease - with another 27 per cent neither agreeing or disagreeing.
Thirty-six percent agreed or agreed strongly that students should get the notes right before adding elements of expression, with the graduate students disagreeing more strongly with this idea.