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"We hope the exacerbated political disagreements will be resolved peacefully in line with the Consitution and the effective legislation," Maria Zaharova stated.
'And the PH that was born and chosen to govern the country should not have different view in that context, it is just after seeing one or two disagreements, some are of the opinion that we don't cooperate or we don't recognise the role played by the royal institution and that view is wrong and incorrect,' he said.
Paternalism, Disagreements, and the Moral Difference, DANIEL GROLL
Second, proponents of the disagreement view might argue as follows: if we consider manifold disagreements with manifold counterfactual selves, we could get cumulative total disagreement about [M.sub.basic].
Not all judges share the same outlook, and these disagreements in outlook are a foundation of divided votes.
The PDP said it was particularly worried by the lack of adequate consultations by the Federal Government resulting in the disagreements that have trailed the plan, especially along ethnic divides.
Damascus Countryside, SANA- An anticipated evacuation of the fourth batch of "Jaish al-Islam" terrorists and their families from Douma in Eastern Ghouta was delayed due to soaring internal disagreements in the organization, forcing the buses set to transport them to leave the city for the vicinity of al-Wafideen Camp corridor.
These conclusions apply to peer disagreements on the moral status of abortion because they can help us to understand how and why very well informed Christians can disagree on the issue.
disagreements with KPMG on any matter of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure or auditing scope or procedures, which disagreements if not resolved to their satisfaction would have caused them to make reference in connection with their opinion to the subject matter of the disagreement, or 2.
Civility, the quality of character meant to smooth relations roiled by these disagreements, mitigates insistence on one's own way and hair-trigger sensitivity to others' different practices and beliefs.
Yesterday, The Observer claimed Neville and Hodgson had a series of disagreements during the tournament, which ended for England with an embarrassing last-16 loss to Iceland.
After listening to the views of the joint committee on the articles of disagreements between the State Council and Majlis A'Shura, it was agreed to refer the articles of disagreement to voting at the joint session of the Council of Oman scheduled to be held on June 21 st 2016.