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Talk to Yourself First Before Chatting With a Boss With Whom You Disagree
Nine of the 11 values that changed from the draft toxicological report to the final HHRV published in the IRIS database had more "disagrees" than "agrees" in their aggregated "Agree:Disagree:Neutral" numeric ratio (seen in red and highlighted in yellow in Table VI).
A 7 point Likert scale, as given in the original paper (attached in appendix), is used for questionnaire items where 1 represented "Strongly Agree" and 7 represented "Strongly Disagree".
Germany has said that it completely disagrees with reported French plans to propose a European Union rescue package for banks, Reuters has reported citing the German Finance Ministry.
But 50 percent or more of these Catholics disagree with church teaching limiting ordination to unmarried men and prohibiting artificial birth control and in-vitro fertilization.
On this issue, we simply disagree. The United States has long been committed to the free movement of capital.
Also interesting is her asserted insight into the motives of another writer with whom she disagrees: "Christina `I am not a feminist, but I make my money attacking them' Hoff Summers." Such an assertion raises the question regarding what Vaid is paid for columns such as this one.
No one disagrees with this important conclusion drawn from the economic analysis of law.
But what does it mean - really - to agree to disagree? Can a free and open society tolerate all beliefs, all ideas, all speech?
A majority of AcSEC [9 out of 15 members] disagrees with this proposal...
He disagrees with Thomas Kuhn's description of scientific progress as a series of "paradigm shifts" by which a new system of ideas and explanations replaces an old system, which is then itself discarded.
The solution that some propose to the divisive controversy over abortion is that the opposing parties in this dispute should simply "agree to disagree." This is presented as a reasonable option.