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To exclude; reject; deny the force or validity of.

The term disallow is applied to such things as an insurance company's refusal to pay a claim.


verb abjure, abnegate, abrogate, contravene, controvert, deny, disaffirm, disagree, disavow, disclaim, discredit, disown, dispute, dissent, impugn, negate, not accept, not comply, not confirm, object, oppose, protest, rebuff, rebut, refuse, refuse to accnowledge, refuse to allow, refuse to corroborate, refuse to grant, refute, reject, renunciate, repudiate, repulse, resist, spurn, vetare, withhold approval
Associated concepts: disallow a claim, notice of disallowance
See also: ban, bar, censor, condemn, constrain, contradict, controvert, debar, deny, disaffirm, disapprove, dismiss, disown, dissent, eliminate, enjoin, exclude, forbid, forestall, gainsay, halt, inhibit, interdict, interfere, negate, prohibit, proscribe, rebuff, refuse, reject, repudiate, restrain, restrict, stop, withhold
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Again this widens both the scope and discretionary character of Centrelink decisions about these issues, offset only by the insistence in the Senate Report that these issues like qualification for exemption for the activity test, or what constitutes a reasonable excuse for a 'participation failure', be promulgated in disallowable determinations (Senate, 2005a: rec 2, ss 602B(2A), (2B) and 624(2A), (2B], 626(2A), (2B), 629(1A), (1B) respectively [as amended]).
The Surveyor argued that depreciation was a deduction in respect of capital and therefore, disallowable.
They will be subject to disallowance if they are expressly declared by the enabling provision under which they are made to be disallowable instruments for the purposes of s 46B.
163) While the General Policy Order on its face requires approval by the Parliament as a disallowable instrument, it is expressly exempted from disallowance and sunsetting.
Ministerial determinations of NT areas as relevant for the purposes of the income management regime, by legislative instrument, are not disallowable by Parliament.
1) The court must disallow a question put to a witness in cross-examination, or inform the witness that it need not be answered, if the court is of the opinion that the question (referred to as a disallowable question):
249) Crucially, these determinations by the Finance Minister are not disallowable instruments for the purposes of the Legislative Instruments Act 2003 (Cth), limiting the opportunity for Parliament to prevent the anticipated expenditure.
238) Cf Customs Act 1901 (Cth) s 243 XA, which makes the infringement notice guidelines under that Act a disallowable instrument and thus subject to parliamentary scrutiny.