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To exclude; reject; deny the force or validity of.

The term disallow is applied to such things as an insurance company's refusal to pay a claim.


verb abjure, abnegate, abrogate, contravene, controvert, deny, disaffirm, disagree, disavow, disclaim, discredit, disown, dispute, dissent, impugn, negate, not accept, not comply, not confirm, object, oppose, protest, rebuff, rebut, refuse, refuse to accnowledge, refuse to allow, refuse to corroborate, refuse to grant, refute, reject, renunciate, repudiate, repulse, resist, spurn, vetare, withhold approval
Associated concepts: disallow a claim, notice of disallowance
See also: ban, bar, censor, condemn, constrain, contradict, controvert, debar, deny, disaffirm, disapprove, dismiss, disown, dissent, eliminate, enjoin, exclude, forbid, forestall, gainsay, halt, inhibit, interdict, interfere, negate, prohibit, proscribe, rebuff, refuse, reject, repudiate, restrain, restrict, stop, withhold
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In its apparent zeal both to issue guidance quickly and also to change company behavior by imposing a deduction disallowance on all "entertainment" use of company aircraft by "specified individuals," the IRS conjured a methodology for allocating expenses to any entertainment use that can yield surprising results.
6 million, reflects the 1994-1995 portion of the power purchase cost disallowance.
Olson, a nationally recognized utility consultant, who testified that the impact of the WUTC Staff and Public Counsel's disallowance recommendations have increased the company's cost of attracting common equity capital, caused stockholders to bear greater risk and lose capital, and have created an unfavorable investment climate in the state of Washington; and Paul Premo, an energy consultant who testified regarding Public Counsel and Staff's invalid assumptions about the ability to avoid fuel costs upon displacement of a gas-fired unit, and to conditions in the natural gas industry at the time the resources were acquired.
Although taxpayers could request an appeal, the notice of claim disallowance did not clearly advise them of this right.
Our accountants have advised that the entire amount of the disallowance will be reflected as a separate expense line item following operating income in our results for 2004.
Richard Goldenberg, EVCI's Chief Financial Officer concluded: "If we are successful in our claim that 50% of any TAP disallowances relating to calendar years 2001-2003 results in a reduction of the purchase price payable for Interboro to the former owner, the amount of this reduction would be reflected on our balance sheet as a decrease in accrued purchase price payable for Interboro and a corresponding decrease in goodwill.
The disallowances in the electric utility request, however, are troubling, considering our request for $28 million in additional revenues," Gannon continued.
This additional provision for estimated Medicare reimbursement disallowances resulted from the development of additional information and analysis since November 30, 1992 in connection with an ongoing internal investigation of its Dade County operations, including the Company's detailed patient chart review program which commenced in the second quarter of fiscal year 1993.
triple-'B'/Stable/'A-2') of any changes in law, or later disallowances with respect to Section 29 tax credits, provide support for the rating.
9 million provision for estimated Medicare reimbursement disallowances related primarily to potentially non-reimbursable costs which were incurred during fiscal years 1991 and 1992 on subcontracted staffing in the company's now closed Dade County Medicare offices.
triple-'B'/stable/A-2) of any changes in law, or later disallowances with respect to Section 29 tax credits, provide support for the rating.