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I should have mentioned that shortly after Toby's disappearance, perceiving the uncertainty of the time I might be obliged to remain in the valley--if, indeed, I ever should escape from it--and considering that my whole wardrobe consisted of a shirt and a pair of trousers, I resolved to doff these garments at once, in order to preserve them in a suitable condition for wear should I again appear among civilized beings.
Groups of species, that is, genera and families, follow the same general rules in their appearance and disappearance as do single species, changing more or less quickly, and in a greater or lesser degree.
We have as yet spoken only incidentally of the disappearance of species and of groups of species.
On a search-warrant being issued for the examination of his room, clothes, and so forth, it was discovered that he had destroyed all his papers, and rearranged all his possessions, on the very afternoon of the disappearance.
Jerry did not query these appearances and disappearances.
From that time to this she had remained in total ignorance of the cause of Anne's disappearance and of the end of Anne's story.
It was reported that her ladyship's English maid had left her, before the disappearance of Ferrari, to return to her relatives in her own country, and that Lady Montbarry had taken no steps to supply her place.
Being in London for a short time on affairs connected with--ha--my estate, and hearing of this strange disappearance, I wished to make myself acquainted with the circumstances at first-hand, because there is--ha hum--an English gentleman in Italy whom I shall no doubt see on my return, who has been in habits of close and daily intimacy with Monsieur Blandois.
I am a private detective, and I am endeavouring to explain his disappearance.
As for myself, I cannot believe but that some strange event has been the cause of this disappearance.
A second dose of poison--larger than the dose administered in the early morning--has been given during the absence of the nurse, and (observe) during the disappearance also of Mrs.
I have said that it was discovered only once, and this brings me to the clearing up of the mystery of the disappearance of young Wickson.