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The man who wrote that word upon the wall disappeared from the midst of the generations of man many centuries ago; the word, in its turn, has been effaced from the wall of the church; the church will, perhaps, itself soon disappear from the face of the earth.
Meanwhile, the little boat, tossed about by the angry waters, appeared and disappeared in the waves.
The twenty-thousand francs disappeared at your place: there's not a shadow of a doubt about that.
Only -- the felucca had disappeared from the surface of the sea and Groslow and his three sailors were consumed.
No sooner had Bulan and his party disappeared in the jungle than Barunda and Ninaka made haste to embark with the chest and the girl and push rapidly on up the river toward the wild and inaccessible regions of the interior.
But once more her scheme was doomed to failure, for hardly had she gone a yard from the church than both it and the monk disappeared, and she found herself in a wood black as night, and full of wolves and bears and wild animals of all sorts and descriptions.
One iron plate was moved, a man appeared, uttered an odd cry, and disappeared immediately.
Fogg to the captain, "three passengers have disappeared.
And with this fearful injunction the count disappeared through the door, which noiselessly closed after him.
The very last inequalities of the soil disappeared with the setting sun, whose horizontal rays stretched in long lines of fire over the flat immensity.
She hurried out of the room in the direction of the kitchen, tripped at the door in a pair of sandals several sizes too large for her feet, and disappeared in rosy confusion.
But the projectile was high above all this landscape, and the projections disappeared in the intense brilliancy of the disc.