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Salonga then said that she doesn't get why people are enthralled with the prospect of disappearing stories.
#Messenger disappearing messages feature (68.0 iOS version) @WABetaInfopic.twitter.com/dPSCyuNeoF
The drivers would write the number plates of cars and the owner's name on the ticket with disappearing ink to dupe the hotel over the actual number of people using the service.
And if you're worried about something that is already gone or is disappearing right now, take heart.
Beekeepers say about pounds 800,000 is needed to find out why their bees are disappearing.
As a reader, you may not totally agree with the assertion of a disappearing culture, but no doubt you recognize the culture and economy of small town Northern Ontario is undergoing a metamorphosis.
With ever-expanding development and pollution, wetlands are disappearing, and dragonflies are losing sources of fresh groundwater.
Jackie Brighouse and Bill Heslop in the Wheatsheaf Players' show, Sherlock Jones and the Disappearing Christmas Pudding.
In the 1955 regulations, the IRS went on to clarify further the treatment of disappearing basis in redemptions involving related parties and the Sec.
Superbly narrated by Rebecca Macauley and flawlessly recorded on 3 CDs with a title running time of 3 hours, 15 minutes, The Disappearing TV Star is a superbly crafted and original mystery-adventure by Emily Rodda and is an ideal addition to school and community library audiobook collections as being highly entertaining for young listeners ages 8 and older.
The Russian Transport Ministry said the crew reported severe turbulence in a distress message sent from 11,000 metres before disappearing. It said the plane came down near a village north of Donetsk.