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Not bitterly disappointed, I think,' he said aloud.
And besides, again, most men are disappointed in life, somehow or other, and influenced by their disappointment.
I hope I may not break down in that; but there, my being a disappointed man may show itself.
Now here's one of the advantages, or disadvantages, of knowing a disappointed man.
Then Gowan asserting his rights as a disappointed man who had his grudge against the family, and who, perhaps, had allowed his mother to have them there, as much in the hope it might give them some annoyance as with any other benevolent object, aired his pencil and his poverty ostentatiously before them, and told them he hoped in time to settle a crust of bread and cheese on his wife, and that he begged such of them as (more fortunate than himself) came in for any good thing, and could buy a picture, to please to remember the poor painter.
And thus it was that deserving officer, Captain Kirk, was disappointed of his majority.
I was rather disappointed after I arrived to find that there are several other Americans here for the same purpose as myself.
I feel disappointed for the players and the supporters.
It's not just because of the nature and timing of the second goal, I would be more disappointed with the first goal we conceded.
Keates was disappointed with the goal his side shipped, the Dragons giving away possession in the Coasters' half and being undone by a long ball forward, with Rowe slotting home after Jack Muldoon held off a challenge from Olly Marx.
VILLA chief executive Keith Wyness has admitted he feels disappointed after being punished by the FA for what he calls 'an honest mistake.
I'm bitterly disappointed for the players and fans who travelled as to capitulate in the way we did was so disappointing.