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The emphasis was instead exclusively, compulsively, and seemingly disappointedly on the absence of overt public marijuana use.
FOR some South Wales children the royal visit started disappointedly.
Disappointedly, smoking rates in both groups were similar to the initial data, indicating that how to effectively and efficiently persuade patients to stop smoking needed further consideration.{Table 4}
Later on, in December 2014, Putin disappointedly said, ?We all see the lowering of the oil price.
A year earlier, he disappointedly exited in the quarterfinals, and he watched the Collado brothers battle in the 19-and-under final.
Consequently, Keynes asserted (wrongly) that the later classicals taught that all output will be sold; that is, no inventories will disappointedly appear to cause firms to unplug machines and lay off workers.
I wonder how many look disappointedly at the trickle of state supplied water that comes for a few hours every other day.
They lamented that the government employees including male and female had to wait in long queues in the scorching heat for several hours due to shortage of staff at the NBP and even disappointedly returned their homes without collecting salaries and pensions.
The press 26th November New York Times reported disappointedly, "CURIE DUEL A FIZZLE." (30)
On the other hand, in spite of improvement in the treatment for EC, the associated mortality of EC remains disappointedly lower, with its 5-year survival rate less than 20% [1].
Disappointedly, there are still rare reports about the practical application of hierarchical structured materials for C[O.sub.2] photoreduction.