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On that side it cost us, it is extra income for the football club to come in, and it is disappointing.
But they scored quickly and the manner in which we conceded those other goals is very disappointing.
Johnson said: "It was my most disappointing defeat.
Leon Green, 45, who works for the NHS and lives at Normanby said: "It was disappointing but this was the hard game of the group.
Kolkata, March 3 (ANI): The rising gold prices are disappointing the buyers in Kolkata city as they are forced to cut down on the purchase of gold, an important Indian wedding gift.
He said: "Today has been possibly the most disappointing day of my life.
Perkins begins by focusing on the comical disappointing side of UK tourism, taking her chance to relate to the audience by bringing local knowledge into action.
This is especially disappointing when we as a black community talk about strengthening our community by getting our education, yet the list makes it plain and clear that getting an education might not be the way to go.
The payoff so far has been disappointing "Returns are sill lagging," said Wilde.
Vitamin E Loses Luster: Nutrient tests show disappointing results" (SN: 3/19/05, p.
According to this cartoon, which presidential candidate was most affected by the disappointing turnout by young voters?