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Miss Emily, having prevented her from seeing the garden, she was maliciously bent on disappointing Miss Emily in return.
He had come to attach to Little Dorrit an interest so peculiar--an interest that removed her from, while it grew out of, the common and coarse things surrounding her--that he found it disappointing, disagreeable, almost painful, to suppose her in love with young Mr Chivery in the back-yard, or any such person.
I'm bitterly disappointed for the players and fans who travelled as to capitulate in the way we did was so disappointing.
Global Banking News-July 14, 2014--Former Goldman Sachs chairman says Indian budget disappointing
When you are a substitute, it is disappointing, but especially today.
The final 20 minutes was the most disappointing thing about the game, to let it slip away like that," Lancaster said.
You get to the big games and you are not just disappointing one player, you are disappointing six or seven.
We've done so in the past - especially lately, we've done really well - that's the most disappointing thing.
It's just disappointing because we came close to getting the win on a couple of occasions.
Although England's performance that night proved to be a watershed in the development of his young side, Johnson reflects on the 12-10 defeat as his most disappointing in the job.
WE asked people at Redcar half-marathon for their verdicts on the England v USA game at the World Cup in South Africa Sharon Gayter, a 46-year-old runner from Guisborough, said: "I thought we were disappointing, especially after we got off to such a great start.
Summary: BEIRUT: Arab responses to the Gaza Freedom Flotilla massacre have been more disappointing than the Western reactions, according to Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.