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He raged at length in his journal that "every innovation whatever, though ever so much in their advantage, is sure to meet with the highest disapprobation from seamen.
Inasmuch as we still feel entitled to exact compensation from defendants in many such cases (because, to name just one reason for our outrage, the costs of the ensuing injuries far exceeded the burdens of prevention), we continue to require a justification for so doing, for we cannot point to some chosen rule violation to vindicate our feelings of disapprobation.
Despite the horror of this murderous act, whether they view the novel as an intimate chronicle of (presumed) adultery and marital breakdown or an exemplum of ethnic incompatibility, contemporary reviews of the novel almost unfailingly expressed empathy with the unreliable narrative voice of pale-skinned-but-proud-to-be-black Irene Redfield, the protagonist from whose disingenuous viewpoint the story is almost exclusively recounted, and conversely reserve unmitigated disapprobation for Clare, her apparently unscrupulous and wayward foil.
Obeidi expressed during the meeting Iraq's disapprobation of the draft resolution put forward by the US Congress, pointing out that "Iraq is a united country and cannot be divided, stressing that any arming must be done through the government center.
As it is today, the military spouse who attempted to gain sympathy and attention via borrowing a glint of glamour from the husband's dangerous work received the disapprobation of her peers.
When the burgeoning affection between the fisherman and the Chinese barmaid becomes fuel for gossip, both characters face the disapprobation of their respective communities.
David Bordwell's study of art-cinema narration has certainly suffered some disapprobation of late, (4) and while it is certainly valid to identify his many omissions and oversimplifications regarding what the art cinema is in practice, his study remains a helpful catalogue of the narrative and stylistic attributes undeniably characteristic of what most observers understood mid-century art cinema to be at the time it was appearing across the globe.
2) Margaret Jepson (1907-2003) was the author of Via Panama (1934), a novel that achieved critical acclaim but incurred her husband's disapprobation.
Consequently, and in the absence of an Egyptian parliament since its dismantlement in 2012, I call upon the Egyptian media to jump to the fore and take the lead in questioning the country's rulers (now and in the future) on all matters of the state in a respectful and professional manner sans sensationalism, hyperbole and disapprobation.
There is strong disapprobation of the exploitation and the socio-economic plight of his people, and primarily the folk.
Those viewing the act with disapprobation even coined the term "welfare queen" to describe what in their view were unworthy recipients of the act's benefits.
Presbey's essay illustrates how resisters face the disapprobation of those in power and often friends and neighbors too.