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He made a long stay in the dining-room after dinner, and, I fear, took an unusual quantity of wine, but not enough to loosen his tongue: for when he came in and found me quietly occupied with my book, too busy to lift my head on his entrance, he merely murmured an expression of suppressed disapprobation, and, shutting the door with a bang, went and stretched himself at full length on the sofa, and composed himself to sleep.
Though a gentle sigh, which stole from the bosom of Nancy, seemed to argue some secret disapprobation of these sentiments, she did not dare openly to oppose them.
Everyone was loudly expressing disapprobation, everyone was repeating a phrase some one had uttered--"The lions and gladiators will be the next thing," and everyone was feeling horrified; so that when Vronsky fell to the ground, and Anna moaned aloud, there was nothing very out of the way in it.
Now really, to foment his disturbances in secret, through the medium of such a very apt instrument as my savage friend here, may further our real ends; and to express at all becoming seasons, in moderate and polite terms, a disapprobation of his proceedings, though we agree with him in principle, will certainly be to gain a character for honesty and uprightness of purpose, which cannot fail to do us infinite service, and to raise us into some importance.
It means I can walk with my dog, have coffee/lunch alone or with friends, spend time on household activities and as noted above, start early and finish late, without the active or tacit approbation or disapprobation of former office-based colleagues/managers.
Obeidi expressed during the meeting Iraq's disapprobation of the draft resolution put forward by the US Congress, pointing out that "Iraq is a united country and cannot be divided, stressing that any arming must be done through the government center.
As it is today, the military spouse who attempted to gain sympathy and attention via borrowing a glint of glamour from the husband's dangerous work received the disapprobation of her peers.
Routine is the enemy of genuine creativity, and any really interesting innovation benefits from having to overcome disincentives, obstacles, and the disapprobation of the majority.
Consequently, and in the absence of an Egyptian parliament since its dismantlement in 2012, I call upon the Egyptian media to jump to the fore and take the lead in questioning the country's rulers (now and in the future) on all matters of the state in a respectful and professional manner sans sensationalism, hyperbole and disapprobation.
Therefore, it is not surprising that a methodical campaign to induce popular disapprobation of a political stalwart like Nehru among a large section of populace has gone on for years together.
There is strong disapprobation of the exploitation and the socio-economic plight of his people, and primarily the folk.
Those viewing the act with disapprobation even coined the term "welfare queen" to describe what in their view were unworthy recipients of the act's benefits.