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A native proverb - unquotable - showed the blackness of Kim's disapproval.
It is perhaps the last instance of a Pretender's adventure for a Crown that History will have to record with the usual grave moral disapproval tinged by a shamefaced regret for the departing romance.
The Corsican was swaying his head from right to left in deep disapproval.
But the shack filled with his disapproval of her reluctance to free him from his promise.
Hopkins, an English actress, and, the match meeting with parental disapproval, had himself taken to the stage as a profession.
There was a haze of disapproval in the air, but whether the disapproval was of herself, or of Mr.
There was no hint of disapproval in her reserve; I merely felt in her an insurmountable reluctance to speak of him or his affairs, a low "Yes, I knew them both.
Newland, who had long shared his wonder, could always detect it in the older man's expression of melancholy disapproval.
It is love--love of you," and when I darkened my brows in disapproval of her words she raised an appealing hand.
I wonder if one can live quite comfortably when one's conscious of the disapproval of one's fellows?
He was very unorthodox, which frightened them; and his freakish humour excited their disapproval.
It might have been supposed that time of calm when the king was wont to watch his mother's eyes for the approval or disapproval of what he had just done.