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To avoid any reputation effects, the computer displayed each first-stage contribution and the corresponding aggregate approval and/or disapproval point score at the end of the second stage in a random and anonymous manner.
On a scale of 1 = greatest disapproval to 6 = greatest approval, it is apparent from Table 2 that 97.
As far as the prime minister is concerned, 59 percent of respondents cited approval for Erdoy-an while 35 percent expressed disapproval.
The Yomiuri Shimbun said the approval rating for Noda's Cabinet slid to 30 percent from 37 percent in the previous poll in mid-January, with the disapproval rating climbing to 57 percent from 51 percent, based on responses from 1,036 eligible voters.
Following drawn out discussions on Nahhas's plan, the Shura Council deemed any attempt at adding the daily transportation allowance, as a fixed part of the monthly salary, against the law, thus declared its disapproval over said plan.
Three questions covered the respondent's perception of disapproval of cheating (by teachers, other students, and the participant herself).
Perry's overall disapproval numbers in February and May dropped from 50 percent to 45 percent.
Contacts Graduated Authorization to Purchase Expedited Parliamentary Procedures Reconvening Congress Text of the Joint Resolution Introduction Referral to Committee Committee Action in the House Calling Up the Joint Resolution on the Floor Floor Debate Motions, Amendments, Voting Automatic Legislative "Hookup Additional Expedited Provisions Implications of Resolutions of Disapproval Either Chamber May Alter the Expedited Procedure Estimated Deadlines Under EESA Disapproval Process Contacts Author Contact Information
2 : a remark that expresses disapproval <I had only one criticism about his work.
Paul Abbandonato's article (August 28) investigates the possible knock-on effect of a Great Britain Olympic team and highlights the disapproval of African and Caribbean nations who call for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England to merge to allow greater constitutional rights for other nations on Fifa.
A social disapproval was defined as a negative vocalization during peer tutoring and during unstructured free time.
Fifa president Sepp Blatter said: "The executive committee has expressed its disapproval over the conduct of Mr Warner.