disapprove of

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Alexey Alexandrovitch was in principle in favor of the publicity of legal proceedings, though for some higher official considerations he disliked the application of the principle in Russia, and disapproved of it, as far as he could disapprove of anything instituted by authority of the Emperor.
Nonsense," I answered promptly; "I don't disapprove of the boa-constrictor; on the contrary, I'm interested in his mental processes.
It's only right that you shouldn't disapprove of me.
I think, my dear mother, you would not disapprove of her as a daughter.
I believe there are few at present who do not disapprove of this provision.
As we disapprove of a child's being taught to understand instruments, and to play like a master (which we would have confined to those who are candidates for the prize in that science; for they play not to improve themselves in virtue, but to please those who hear them, and gratify their importunity); therefore we think the practice of it unfit for freemen; but then it should be confined to those who are paid for doing it; for it usually gives people sordid notions, for the end they have in view is bad: for the impertinent spectator is accustomed to make them change their music; so that the artists who attend to him regulate their bodies according to his motions.
I thought you would disapprove of it, sir," said Benjamin, in his mild and moderate way.
However you might disapprove of what I had done, I thought you would not refuse to help me to find my sister.
Overall, equal numbers of Texas voters approve and disapprove of the job Trump is doing.
Trump's job approval rating now stands at 42 percent, while 50 percent disapprove of his handling of the presidency, according to the poll.
Americans who disapprove of the ACA were asked if they want to keep the law but with significant changes or to repeal and replace it.
referrer=) Most Americans Disapprove Of Trump's Performance As His Approval Rating Hits 35 Percent