disapprove of

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Alexey Alexandrovitch was in principle in favor of the publicity of legal proceedings, though for some higher official considerations he disliked the application of the principle in Russia, and disapproved of it, as far as he could disapprove of anything instituted by authority of the Emperor.
Nonsense," I answered promptly; "I don't disapprove of the boa-constrictor; on the contrary, I'm interested in his mental processes.
It's only right that you shouldn't disapprove of me.
I think, my dear mother, you would not disapprove of her as a daughter.
However you might disapprove of what I had done, I thought you would not refuse to help me to find my sister.
Collins very gravely-- "but I cannot imagine that her ladyship would at all disapprove of you.
This time, the doctor will not disapprove of your shooting.
You would certainly disapprove of some of my proceedings, and you would probably disobey my orders.
You know already, senor, the wealth and noble birth of my parents, and that I am their sole heir; if this be a sufficient inducement for you to venture to make me completely happy, accept me at once as your son; for if my father, influenced by other objects of his own, should disapprove of this happiness I have sought for myself, time has more power to alter and change things, than human will.
The poll also showed that 53 percent of self-identified independents, who were an essential part of the coalition that elected Obama in 2008, disapprove of his handling of the war.
Those who disapprove of Bush's current job performance are nearly uniform in offering a negative prognosis for his legacy.
Additionally, 4% of Americans cite it as a reason why they disapprove of the court's job performance.