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The current tournament called All Star T20 being telecast live in India and other countries on Neo Sports and involving international cricketers like Salman Butt and Hassan Raza had been declared disapproved as it is without any approval.
Only 28 percent of Americans approved of the president's handling of the Russia, the lowest marks on any topic addressed during CBS' survey - including economy or terrorism - while 63 percent disapproved.
Approve of the way Obama is handling the situation 35% Disapprove 49 Note: Thirty-one percent of veterans approved and 57 percent disapproved.
Thirty-seven of the proposals submitted by ASHRAE were accepted (green), five of the proposals were disapproved but a similar proposal was approved (white/blue respectively), 10 were disapproved (red), and three were withdrawn (red).
Assistants to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas have disapproved of the plan.
More than 50 per cent of respondents in the survey, taken between October 30 and November 11, said they disapproved of how Obama handled key issues in his second term, including Syria, Iran, the economy, healthcare and the federal budget deficit.
Overall, 72 percent said they disapproved of shutting down government over the president's health care law, as compared to 25 percent who approved.
In this study, I will review both opinions concerning approving and disapproved the idea of banks of milk and discuss the points of dispute between the two parties.
The proposer will then be advised of the action and may present any disapproved resolution to the General Assembly at the Annual Convention of The Florida Bar (June 25 at the Boca Raton Resort & Club) if the member requests publication of the general nature of the resolution in the next issue of The Florida Bar News following notice from the committee.
It has now emerged that 42-year-old Patrick blamed his mother for his being a bachelor because she disapproved of his girlfriends.
The figure for Britain was even higher at 57 per cent, with more than four fifths saying they disapproved of US actions in Iraq specifically.
Almost the same amount disapproved of the Iraq War, with 41 percent strongly disapproving.