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Rick Perry does comparatively well, with 42 percent giving him approving job ratings and 38 percent disapproving.
Pelosi has strong support among Democrats, with 65% approving of her performance and 24% disapproving.
Many sessions have been held to discuss this issue and many scholars have given their judgments either in approving or disapproving.
About 38% disapprove of the reform at the State-owned and heavily indebted railways BDZ Holding, which includes mass layoffs, cancelation of a number of trains, and increased fares a of those disapproving a 37% are State servants, 27% work for the private sector, 27% have college degrees, and every second is a supporter or follower of the opposition, left-wing Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP.
The Field Poll of 1,232 registered voters in California found that Obama s overall approval rating had fallen from 65 percent last March to 56 percent, with 34 percent disapproving of his performance.
Almost the same amount disapproved of the Iraq War, with 41 percent strongly disapproving.
Among ethnic groups, blacks have the highest disapproval ratings for public officials' handling of education, with 71 percent of blacks disapproving of Schwarzenegger, 69 percent disapproving of the Legislature and 53 percent disapproving of O'Connell.
troops' presence in Iraq, less likely to feel the war was justified, more disapproving of the Bush administration's handling of foreign affairs and more disapproving of its use of U.
Only 32 per cent of those questioned thought Mr Blair was doing a good job of fighting terrorism, with 62 per cent disapproving.
The poll found that men disapproving of the cabinet outnumbered those approving of it by a 43% to 40% margin for the first time.
Among clergy, the results were evenly split with 46 percent approving and 46 percent disapproving.
It is well known that boards of directors of cooperative housing corporations have wide discretion in approving or disapproving a prospective purchaser of the shares of stock and proprietary lease allocated to a cooperative apartment.