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Therefore, the act of disapproving cannot be confirmed but by a clear evidence.
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But women approving of the cabinet still outnumbered those disapproving of it by a 41% to 37% margin, the Mainichi poll showed.
However, with more Americans disapproving of this dismissal than approving amid confusion over its reasoning, it is not clear if the change will have the intended effect.
With 15 percent disapproving and 34 percent undecided on the government's efforts for overseas workers, the administration's net approval rating was +36.
Rick Perry does comparatively well, with 42 percent giving him approving job ratings and 38 percent disapproving.
According to a Washington Post/ABC Poll, Boehner saw a 20-point net negative rating, with 31 percent approving and 51 percent disapproving of his handling of the deal.
Zogby reported 64 percent disapproving of Bush's handling of the war and only 36 percent approving.
Asked in a multiple-choice question about the reasons for approving or disapproving of the cabinet, 58.
The proportion of Filipinos disapproving of the administration's performance in increasing the pay of workers rose from 23 percent in March to 30 percent in June.