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DiAntonio reinforces the critical NADase function of TIR domains in driving cellular degeneration across species,' said Rajesh Devraj, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Disarm Therapeutics.
Opponents raised the specter of the--at that time--more recent Nazi experience, (6) and proponents denied that the Nazis made any use of records to disarm enemies.
They forced the raider to the ground and disarmed him before alerting police.
Reed: You are correct that if you disarm your opponent and your opponent is no longer a threat you are not justified in employing deadly force.
Talking to media persons here, PML-N's Secretary General Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said his party backed the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation in Swat for establishment of peace, and now it was the responsibility of the TNSM chief to disarm the Taliban.
Almost half say they think Hezbollah's paramilitary forces should be disarmed and integrated with the Lebanese national army, but over a third (predominantly Shiites) think they should be neither disarmed nor integrated.
auspices, have renewed a drive to disarm tribesmen who keep guns to protect their herds against predatory neighbors.
"In this climate of unprecedented escalation, how can you ask Hezbollah to disarm?"
The cease-fire calls for the Lebanese army to disarm Hezbollah and take control of southern Lebanon and the border with Israel, with help from a U.N.-sponsored force of 15,000 troops.
However, both Lebanese government troops and international forces have balked at the prospect of being asked to use force to disarm the formidable Shiite militia.
Brushing aside the agreement by the Lebanese government to disarm the group, Nasrallah said, "This is not the time for Hizbullah to disarm.