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Apart from disarming the Renamo men, the document was also aimed at halting hostilities between the two sides.
In Disarming Conflict famed peace activist Ernie Regehr shows that force cannot simply override or transcend the social, political, and economic realities of conflict.
1559 when one of the Arab rulers told President Bashar al-Assad that if you want to remain in Lebanon, you can do so, but the price will be disarming the weapon of Hizbollah and the Palestinians.
It is not possible to demand disarming Palestinians without international and Arab guarantees to preserve their security outside and inside refugee camps, he said, recalling that the Palestinians "were massacred over the past four decades," which led them to hold on to their arms in the first place.
Disarming Hezbollah, which started as a resistance movement to fight the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon in 1982, does not seem in the offing.
It has become clear to all parties that disarming Hizbollah, which is the key condition upon which the cease-fire agreement rests, remains as much of a sticking point as before -- if not a catalyst for the resumption of the war that has already devastated Lebanon.
An easy-exit feature allows users to change the arming state of the system without first disarming, so they can change perimeter arming to complete protection with just one command.
Law enforcement agencies should review their policies, procedures, and case law in the formulation of a plan for disarming suspects carrying knives.
PC Mark Russell, based in Nuneaton, was commended for his calmness, courage and bravery when disarming a woman who had a history of depression, who was threatening to harm herself and put a carving knife to her throat.
Predictably, gun control advocates argue that disarming law-abiding citizens will stop the deluge of crime, even though it is estimated that between one million and four million illegal firearms are in circulation (albeit many of these are likely owned by basically honest people who are in fear of their lives) and that, according to the January 6 Guardian of London, only half of the violent deaths "were thought to be gun-related.
Police Chief Bill Bratton has brought in his east coast notion that disarming the public will automatically reduce the number of gun-related crimes.