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Chair of the judging panel, Claire Armitstead, the Guardian's literary editor, said "Petina Gappah's humane and disarmingly funny mosaic of life in Zimbabwe is undoubtedly one of the very best."
As usual, he was disarmingly gracious and charming about receiving the honor.
Robert Maxwell, the author of this handsome volume, is acutely aware of the problem and deals with it in a disarmingly honest way.
Unlike Tarzan and Lestat, which were created to extend corporate brands, The Drowsy Chaperone has a disarmingly simple concept and a production history that would justify its being called an accident (it began life as a private entertainment to celebrate Martin's impending marriage).
Van Ryswyk says Klawe "has a reputation for being disarmingly informal.
'I was a stranger and you welcomed me." Jesus' words in Matthew are disarmingly simple, yet they encapsulate a core tenet of Christianity: radical inclusion.
Instead, we used Wilde to consider how such a sexual, and violent, and sexually violent book could somehow be aesthetically competent, even disarmingly lovely.
William Kurelek, a well-known Canadian Catholic artist who died in 1977 at the age of 50, let us in on his extraordinary spiritual journey in a disarmingly candid autobiography, Someone with me.
Between these covers, you'll learn how to throw a tantrum, play one side against the other, let the other guy think he has won, procrastinate, win through sympathy, be disarmingly honest, call in backup (ie., My dad can beat up your dad), pretend you don't hear what they are saying, and the penultimate classic, take your ball and go home.
The Tricky Part * (San Jose Repertory Theatre, San Jose, Calif.) Martin Moran performs his disarmingly candid and moving memoir about his childhood, the tale of a complex and transgressive sexual relationship.
With his comedic reading, Sullivan is disarmingly charming.
Like Feynman himself, the diagrams he created are both disarmingly straightforward and subtly complex, says longtime Feynman colleague and friend Barry C.