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Waiting for small hands to disarrange, to grasp right and left and to reduce it to a livable confusion.
existence where we can disarrange and reassemble our personal fronts and
He engages his own sense of "experiment" in fiction, one that often arises in the American short story industry only from the simple impulse to disarrange plot and expectation.
He tells himself that Violet really is an extraordinary woman, miraculously in harmony with his own philosophy of life and in no way likely to disarrange his ordered existence.
Sometimes I'd pick up a Dresden fly and fly it through the air, sometimes I'd idly play house with the little world, weddings and funerals with little body parts, awful births, but I did not want to disarrange that unerring deadness like a kind of goodness, corner of wetless grey waste, nothing anyone would go for.
Because Arguedas possessed the literary skill to disarrange Spanish artistically, of course, but also because, in Yawar Fiesta, a colorful expressive form, offered to readers as a spectacle, doesn't work against but rather coincides with the profound intentionality of a story that was meant not as a denouncement of the social horrors of the Andean highlands, but as a vindication of Quechua culture's right to exist, and it enacts this intention through the medium of one of that culture's most controversial creations, that is to say, a spectacle: that "bloody fiesta" that the book flaunts as its title just so there can be no mistaking the matter.
Despite the disarray, a powerful cyclic undercurrent controls these songs, much like the mysterious magnetic field that reconstitutes the iron filings no matter how we disarrange them.
The unit regularly forces the detainees to strip naked on the pretext of inspection, breaks into their rooms, and disarranges their belongings.
Yet forcing people in a barter economy to substitute the sovereign's favored commodity for the one the parties to the exchange has agreed on simply disarranges all credit transactions.
Other life undermining disarranges that prompt a change in psychological position, for example, intense inebriation or withdrawal, head wounds; intracranial dying, disease and metabolic variations from the norm must be discounted.
Cardiovascular disease is created by disarranges of the heart and blood vessels, and include ischemic/coronary illness (heart attacks), cerebrovascular malady (stroke), raised circulatory strain (hypertension), peripheral artery ailment, rheumatic coronary illness, inherent coronary illness and heart failure.1
The night not only confuses the sight--what is grass and what is the old woman's short hair, but also disarranges it, making it part of the landscape.