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Replicating the continual disarrangement of these dreadfully anonymous spaces, Hotel Rooms oscillates between set dressing and sculptural social realism.
Porcine acellular collagen matrix was grafted in rabbit bladder and micro calcification of the material, irregular detrusor regeneration and disarrangement of the smooth muscle fibres that migrated in to the material were observed through the bladder wall (15).
A disarrangement of maximum value for pressure in both relations is no more then 10%.
Selective disarrangement of the rostra) telencephalic cholinergic system in heterozygous reeler mice.
9,12,14,16,17) These limitations of adhesive systems lead to the disarrangement of the collagen fiber network, which causes degradation by activating host-derived enzymes, such as MMPs, by acid contact and water uptake.
Electron microscopy of postischemic tissue demonstrated parenchymal cell damage, swelling of mitochondria, disarrangement of rough endoplasmatic reticulum which was also partially reduced by ASX treatment.
4) Earth sinking (other than sinkhole collapse), rising or shifting including soil conditions which cause settling, cracking or other disarrangement of foundations or other parts of realty.
The results of this study for the plantlet leaves cultivated in vitro showed disarrangement in the tissue structure especially in the palisade parenchyma that presented a very irregular architecture.
Citalopram 20 mg per day was given and management of underlying organic disarrangement was suggested to control delirium.
With tried, tested and trusted ANC centurians out in the cold and possibly looking for a new political home, the landscape seems suddenly ready to welcome a new party - one that would fill the vacuum created by the forced disarrangement of the ANC's Mbeki-ites and the abrupt leftwards sashay of the Zuma faction.
excited": "a certain quickening of the blood as it rushes through the heart, or what we call a hurried pulse, and a corresponding disarrangement of molecules in the brain.
But as would be expected from a poet there are some gems to be found: for example, he describes ikebana: "An exquisite disarrangement, so refined.