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17,18 Rapid maxillary expansion (RME) has been used in combination with facemask because it interrupts and disarticulate the circummaxillary and intermaxillary sutures and therefore enables the skeletal protraction effects of facemask.
In doing so, Ouedraogo disarticulates the limits of traditional cultures and the symbolic meaning of class affiliation related to it, to rearticulate a philosophical border located above the categories of tribe and traditional values, but rather of affectivity.
The vocabulary began to take on the familiar, flattened quality that comes with repetition: disarticulate, disarticulating, disarticulation.
It is part of the "regime's strategy to fragment the society, to disarticulate all intermediate social bodies between the individuals and the state--parties, unions, professional organizations--which would challenge the regime's desire to have all depend only on it.
Ambition in the large scale will seek forever to disarticulate, when and wherever it can, institutions in the meso-scale, in order thus to broaden and to deepen both its scope and competencies.
Hans Bellmer's work "foregrounds the sadistic component of scopophilia, where the sculptural and photographic effects disarticulate the female body into a sign of violence, possession, and masochistic pleasure.
For example, in the 9 urchins with visible gaps, but in which the skeletons did not disarticulate, the visibly gaping sutures always occurred above the ambitus; the most adapical plate rows tended to fall out of the skeleton, and vertically gaping sutures tended to be more widely gaped adapically.
It may yet strengthen those, like the rebel Zapatista Army, who advocate picking up the gun to disarticulate the longest-ruling state party on the planet.
Delli Carpini engages in an interesting thought experiment, trying to disarticulate positivism from quantitative methodology, not so much to do away with positivism--for he defends its role in research--but to call for a productive space in which quantitative methodologies may be used for a wider variety of projects and to help encourage critical/cultural scholars to check their well-known suspicion of positivism at the door.
It is sometimes necessary to disarticulate the lateral crura from the upper lateral cartilages in order to successfully reorient them (figure, D).
There was no loss of ligament on these shells and even the jostling during retrieval did not disarticulate them.
However, your master shooter has also learned to disarticulate his trigger finger--to make it work separately from the others.