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7) consists of a circular pit lined with the disarticulated and poorly preserved skeletal remains of at least two individuals represented by long bones, additional infracranial elements, and two crania, Sk.
2003), disarticulated cephalaspids, placoderms and acanthodians, and both articulated and disarticulated eurypterids (Miller 2007a).
The complex interplay of realities and perspectives, of masks and selves, and of visions of normality and disarticulated norms, all against a background that seems to belong to a cyberpunk setting instead of a mental institution, ultimately deciphers the riddle of hope amidst what it seems to be a desert of meaninglessness.
In the studied areas, More than 97% of the examined bivalve shells are disarticulated and the articulated ones are generally rare (Fig.
Dead margins and reefs in ML have narrow, distinct peaks created by the bleached, disarticulated oyster shells (Walters et al.
Scanning electron micrographs were taken using a Hitachi S-2400 and a JSM-5200 (at the MZB), with specimens used for SEM partly disarticulated, enabling examination of valves, perinotum, and radula.
Far more significant than made-to-order sculptures are the gilded arabesques of Christ and the Lamb (1988), a disarticulated mirror that actually says something profound about Rococo even (or especially) as it travesties its own morphology.
We removed the blubber, then the flesh, and finally we disarticulated the skeleton, bone by bone, as we moved from tail to head.
In Neolithic times, the dead would have been deposited within the chamber as a cremation or, in later years, as disarticulated remains.
These two `isms' must be disarticulated from each other for a variety of reasons.
His style bears some resemblance to certain works by Pablo Picasso, thanks to Gabo's cubistic and disarticulated renderings of the human body.