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The film Buud Yam is not an exception, because it does recycle specific ideological practices in the Burkina Faso's traditional society, to disarticulate and rearticulate them into anew discourse that would become a social critic.
conditions may be found when the megastrobili disarticulate.
However, this gesture does not redeem the fact that "Summer of Love" disarticulates its own art-historical project by giving in to anecdote and to the spectacular.
Thus, whereas lesbian-feminist theory postulates an unproblematic continuity between the terms on either side of its hyphen, queer theory, in contrast, disarticulates sexual and gender politics.
Rather, like Cain, Wool-rich, and other notable noir practitioners, she pares her prose and disarticulates her sentences to such a degree that readers are forced into an active engagement with the text.