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Nick Dewhurst, executive vice president of Boothroyd Dewhurst, says examining how a product is assembled can help with designing for disassembly.
He or she might also discover that the tooling available is insufficient or that more room is needed in the workstation to accommodate comfortable ergonomics during the disassembly operation.
Recommendation: To address uncertainties associated with NNSA's plans to establish a pit disassembly and conversion capability, the Administrator of the NNSA should develop a technology maturation plan for the pit disassembly and conversion mission that (1) includes all critical technologies to be used in pit disassembly and conversion operations and (2) provides details (including preliminary cost and schedule estimates) on planned testing and development activities to bring each critical technology up to a sufficient level of maturity.
From that reason we use, as an input for disassembly process design, assembly processes and other assembly documentation.
Here's a closer look at some of these steps, starting with disassembly.
Its services, which include collection, disassembly, recycling and data destruction, will be available to manufacturers, retailers, local authorities, schools and colleges and waste management companies across the UK.
Lambert (industrial ecology, University of Technology, The Netherlands) and Gupta (mechanical and industrial engineering, Northeastern University) introduce disassembly modeling in the context of the entire product life cycle, incorporating material on design for disassembly, concurrent design, and reverse logistics, and discussing theories and methodologies associated with disassembly.
The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of an animated agent using a Socratic-like questioning approach on student performance during a set of disassembly tasks performed in a CBI simulation program.
The Swedish investment company Spinn Investment said on Wednesday (29 September) that it had acquired the car disassembly and recycling company Hedemora Bildemontering.
The disassembly process starts with a dramatic salvo of shots as all pyrotechnic components in the car--items like the airbags and safety belt pretensioners--are fired off by remote control in an area specially enclosed to contain gases.