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Mikati agreed with Salam to disassociate Lebanon and informed the speaker of this stance.
Lebanon's decision at the Security Council to disassociate itself from the presidential statement on the events in Syria was based on Lebanon's firm position not to interfere in the internal affairs of other states, particularly Arab states, exactly in the same way Lebanon had asked other states not to interfere in its affairs," Mikati said in a statement published by AS SAFIR.
BOLIVIA -- "Coca si, Cocaina no"--yes to coca, no to cocaine--was one of President Morales' campaign slogans to disassociate the plant that provides the substance used to make cocaine from the drug stigma.
No one contacted me about changes, and I have to disassociate myself from this.
302(c)(2) requires redeemed shareholders to disassociate from the corporation as equity holders, officers, directors or employees, for 10 years following the redemption.
I drink at the pub in question and sincerely hope that he and his "old codgers" disassociate themselves from me (almost an old codger).
The Twenty Mile court emphasized substance over form in finding that the departing partner wanted to disassociate itself entirely from the partnership, not contribute capital.
says there is little doubt that some Anglican dioceses will disassociate themselves from the American church, but the separation would not be sustained.
Mr Robbins said problems could be avoided by people contacting credit rating agencies beforehand to disassociate themselves from any adverse credit entries at the address.
of Houston moved swiftly to disassociate itself from Absolute Abstract & Title Inc.
Water absorbs infrared light, but at the high temperatures in most stars, water molecules disassociate and can't block out the light.
The Englewood, Colorado-based company issued a statement Friday seeking to disassociate itself from the recent declines in services companies' shares - Cambridge is considered a bellwether in the sector.